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At Sanibel Dock Builders, we specialize in dredging builders that can accommodate any project. From bulkheads to seawalls and rip rap to boat ramps - our team has the know-how and tools necessary to get the job done right. We understand your needs when it comes to dredging projects, which is why you can rely on us for a professional solution.

Our experienced staff have years of experience working with all types of waterfront construction tasks including dredging and excavation services. Our experts will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that the area is prepared correctly for whatever type of project you need completed. We strive to keep our customers happy by providing quality service and timely completion times.

No matter what kind of dock or marina build you are looking for, at Sanibel Dock Builders we have the expertise and resources to deliver exactly what you need. Contact us today for more information about our dredging builder services!

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Dredging & Re-Shaping

The painting and staining of docks is a necessary part of dock maintenance. It's important to regularly update the paint or stain on your dock in order to protect it from the elements, such as wind, sun, saltwater, and rain. This can help to keep your dock looking fresh for many years.

On top of that, you may need dredging services in order to maintain the shape of your dock over time. Dredging helps to remove sediment buildup at the base of the dock which can cause erosion if left unchecked. Additionally, regular dredging can help ensure proper water flow around the structure and prevent any potential damage due to flooding or other natural disasters.

In addition to these tasks, re-shaping may be required to maximize safety and usability around your dock area. Re-shaping involves reshaping areas of land near the shoreline where docks are situated - this could involve adding more space, smoothing out rough terrain, or restructuring banks around waterways so they don't erode over time. By taking all these measures into consideration when maintaining your dock system you will be able to enjoy safe use for years!

Dredging Maintenance & Repair

When it comes to keeping your dock in peak condition, dredging maintenance and repair are essential. For those who own docks on Sanibel Island, the process of dredging involves removing excess sediment from around the dock area for better access and navigation. It's important to stay up-to-date with regular dredging to keep your dock functioning correctly:

1. Monitor water levels regularly

2. Clean out any debris or silt buildup near pilings or posts

3. Check soundness of all components like ladders and rails

4. Inspect shoreline erosion that could impact stability

Keeping an eye on these items will help ensure optimal performance of your dock - not just now but years down the line as well. Taking action early is key when it comes to preventing costly repairs or upgrades later on. Regular inspections by a professional can also be beneficial if you're unsure about what needs attention. Investing time and money into routine maintenance will save you from bigger headaches in the future!

Dredging Permit Applications

Applying for this type of permit is essential if you want to begin any kind of major work involving dredging in your area. Fortunately, Sanibel Dock Builders are well-versed in helping clients through the entire application process.

In most cases, when beginning an application for a dredge permit there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled. This includes proof of ownership or permission from the owner to use their property, as well as all relevant documents such as surveys and plans detailing what will take place during the dredging process. Once these items have been collected, they must then be submitted with the official application form along with any other required documents such as maps showing where sedimentation can occur post-dredging.

Sanibel Dock Builders understand that navigating through the paperwork involved in obtaining a dredging permit can often be complicated and daunting; however our team has years of experience assisting clients with just this task! Our professionals provide sound advice about which forms to fill out correctly, explain how long applications typically take to review and even offer assistance throughout each step of the permitting procedure itself. We make sure every aspect of the client’s project runs smoothly so they don't have to worry about anything else but watching their dream become reality!

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